Clear Bra & Paint Protection Film

Endless Shine Detailing has over 15 years of experience installing Clear Bra and Paint Protection Film. We are certified installers of XPEL Ultimate Film, the world’s first self-healing paint protection film. We also carry Ceramic pro PPF. Clear Bra Film is a seamless, invisible urethane film that is applied to a hood, bumper, or any other areas of the vehicle that can get hit with stones, hail, bird droppings etc. The film is cut prior to installation so that it is guaranteed to match your vehicle. We are able to do the hood, bumper or the entire car. The XPEL Paint Protection Film has a special makeup in its’ clear coat that works even though it is cured. It also has a low surface energy, which makes it difficult for things to stick. Bird Droppings, exhaust smoke, oils from the roadway can all be removed with a regular washing. We use the highest quality film that requires the least amount of maintenance. It will also last indefinitely.

Ceramic Car Coating

Endless Shine Detailing has with over 15 years of experience with Ceramic Coatings. This is the best option for paint protection of your car. Ceramic Pro 9H is used to preserve the new look of a vehicle with extremely low maintenance. The glossy hard shell protects your vehicle from fading and weathering, and oxidizing. Ceramic Coating is also known to be self cleaning because the hyper hydrophobic makeup allows any liquid to roll off your paint while trapping dirt simultaneously. The nano particles bond chemically to the paint of the car. It is so durable and strong that it can only be removed through wet sanding or other intense pressures. The coating will last for years to protect your vehicle.

Detailing Services

Endless Shine Detailing has over 15 years of experience in detailing vehicles. We use our own proprietary car care products that can be purchased right here on our website. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and getting the best results for our clients. We also want to protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle, which is why we use our amazing line of products. Depending on whether or not you want a full detail, interior and/or exterior detail, or a quick clean up, we have you covered.