Pure 9H Lifetime Ceramic Coating Kit
Pure 9H Lifetime Ceramic Coating Bottle
Pure 9H Lifetime Ceramic Coating Kit

Pure 9H Lifetime Ceramic Coating

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PURE 9H Lifetime Ceramic Coating is the ultimate Endless Shine formula that was developed in-house and designed to offer unsurpassed protection for your vehicle's paint, plastics, glass, wheels, metals and more....

Once applied, Pure 9H Ceramic Coating forms an extreme bond with the surface of your vehicle, creating the ultimate protection - a hard, durable and scratch-resistant transparent layer.  Pure 9H also helps to protect the surface from a variety of environmental factors including grime and dirt.  It can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat, UV radiation, and acid rain.  It helps to prevent fading, discoloration, and other types of wear and tear.  

In addition to its protective properties, Pure 9H Ceramic Coating also provides a level of hydrophobic protection and helps to prevent water from sticking to the surface of the vehicle.  This makes it easier to wash and dry your vehicle, and also helps to prevent water spots from forming on the paint.

Directions: Prior to applying PURE 9H Lifetime Ceramic Coating, wash, decontaminate, polish and prep your surface using Endless Shine Prep WHICH IS INCLUDED.   When ready, apply PURE 9H to applicator and apply to surface in a thin, even layer in two foot sections in straight lines.  When a rainbow effect appears, polish off with a clean microfiber towel.  Never apply directly in the Sun, in extreme heat or humidity.  Allow PURE 9H coating to cure 24 hours before exposure to moisture.  Avoid washing your vehicle for 7 days after application.

*Purchase of PURE 9H includes a bottle of Endless Shine Detailing's PREP and a Professional Applicator